Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reminder of New Life

OK, it's not a secret that I have been down for weeks because of the circumstances surrounding my professional life. At the beginning of November, for personal reasons and some personal issues that I had to deal with personally, I took an administrative leave from worship leadership at FBC, Fairfield. While I am and have been making steps to ensure the survival of my marriage and the spiritual health of my family, my job in the ministry has been on hold. And the church has moved on without me. I am now officially unemployed for God right now.

And that's ok. I believe that my first calling has to be to my wife and pre-born son. If I neglect my duties as husband and father, than my ministry won't be worth anything anyway. I've been struggling to find a new job for the last 19 days, filling out applications, calling and researching classifieds and want-ads, and generally doing everything I can to find something to pay my bills and cover our expenses, especially since Kristi's paycheck doesn't even cover our rent. Right now, that search is proving to be a challenge. I won't lie, it really sucks being me right now.

Or so I thought. Yesterday, I was reminded (by my son, no doubt) that things are really all right. He's healthy, seems to be very active, and is right on schedule. At 25 weeks, he weighs in at 1 lb. 10 oz... and Kristi's only gained 4 pounds this whole pregnancy. You know, I have a beautiful loving and forgiving wife who loves me very much. I have a son who's bouncing on my wife's bladder all the time. I really need to focus on those things right now. Now, yes, I need to keep job hunting, but as long as those things are still going well, life's really not so bad, is it?

Oh yeah, a few weeks back we celebrated in alot of American churches the Sanctity of Human Life. How can someone watch a sonogram, and not see life? He was even waving at us (although that may have been our imagination)! He's got a peronality, and though I hope he looks like his mommy, he's already got my attitude. He's my SON, my living, breathing, moving, peeing boy... and I already love him. He is not an unborn fetus, he is my baby. And he's growing in my baby.

So that's life. Life is abundant... ups and downs. Keep praying for us as we try to wait for God's timing and guidance. Right now we're considering a move to the Seguin/San Marcos area, the San Angelo area, or the Houston area (wherever I can find a job). We'll need a good church in whatever area we move to, and if they could use a singer on their worship team or keyboardist I would dig that. We'll need jobs, and friends. So pray for all those things for us. We'll take all we can get right now. Thanks and God bless you all!

In HIS Grip,

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